Street Racing Laws

Georgia Street Racing Laws

Street racing is defined by Georgia law as a speed contest, competition or race. Any exhibition or contest of speed is punishable by Georgia Code § 40-6-186.

Street racing is not uncommon with young drivers, but it is not legal and getting caught in a street race can have serious consequences.

Georgia Code §40-6-186 – Racing on highways or streets

Street racing laws in Georgia include all forms of speed racing, drag racing or drifting, or other similar exhibitions of speed. Law excerpt below defines what constitutes as speed racing.

  • (a) As used in this Code section, the term:
    • (1) “Drag race” means the operation of two or more vehicles from a point side by side at accelerated speeds in a competitive attempt to outdistance each other or the operation of one or more vehicles over a common selected course from the same point to the same point for the purpose of comparing the relative speeds or power of acceleration of such vehicle or vehicles within a certain distance or time limit.
    • (2) “Racing” means the use of one or more vehicles in an attempt to outgain, outdistance, or prevent another vehicle from passing, to arrive at a given destination ahead of another vehicle or vehicles, or to test the physical stamina or endurance of drivers over long-distance driving routes.
  • (b) No person shall drive any vehicle on a highway in this state in any race, speed competition or contest, drag race or acceleration contest, test of physical endurance, exhibition of speed or acceleration, or for the purpose of making a speed record, and no person shall in any manner participate in any such race, competition of speed, contest of speed, or test or exhibition of speed.
  • (c) Any person convicted of violating subsection (b) of this Code section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor

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Street racing in Georgia is punishable by law only when done on highways or other public roads. Law does not prohibit it on private property.


Penalty for violating Georgia’s street racing laws is a misdemeanor. This is far less severe than in some other states, but in certain cases the penalties can still be extremely harsh.

It’s common for a street racing charge to include charges for Speeding, or Reckless Driving, Aggressive Driving, and more felony charges. All of these have harsh penalties and can include significant jail time.

In case of injuries or death, you can be charged with vehicular manslaughter.

You will almost always be arrested and have your car impounded in case you are caught street racing.

Fighting street racing charges

Street racing can have serious consequences, and it’s highly recommended to consult a professional attorney to assist with your case. There are some case precedents and legal tactics in Georgia which can potentially be used as defense in court.

Experienced defense attorneys can claim your were simply speeding next to another vehicle. Unless police officers have clear evidence, prosecution will have to prove you were in fact racing. See the law definitions for Racing and Drag Racing above.

Experienced lawyers can often reduce your charges to simple speeding, therefore reducing your fines and penalties.

It’s always best to adhere to speed limits on Georgia roads, as police officers are frequently very unforgiving to street racers.

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