Neon Underglow Laws

Georgia Neon Underglow Lights Laws

Neon underglow lights are very popular among car enthusiasts looking to improve their car’s appearance. Although increased safety by using underglow is a matter of debate, most car (or even motorcycle or truck) owners attach neon lights to their vehicles simply for aesthetic purposes.

In most states, the color or luminosity of neon lights attached to the car is restricted by law. Enthusiast drivers can take things too far sometimes, and to ensure other drivers don’t get distracted by overly flashy vehicles there are laws prohibiting certain aftermarket vehicle modifications.

For neon underglow, most of these laws are found under “Unlawful vehicle modifications” and “Lighting requirements” sections of Georgia Code.

In the state of Georgia (GA), neon underglow lights are considered legal to use, but there are important restrictions you must be aware of. Below you can find the basic overview of laws pertaining to neon car lights in Georgia.

Is neon underglow legal in Georgia?

Unless it’s directly prohibited by law, underglow lights are considered legal. Georgia laws permit installing any aftermarket or non-mandatory lights as long as they’re not in violation of any vehicle laws, thus using neon underglow in Georgia is legal.

Georgia laws do not in any way prohibit installing underglow or underbody lights.

GA vehicle equipment regulations mostly speak of mandatory vehicle lights, but also have restrictions on which kind of vehicle lighting and colors are permitted. Based on this, vehicle lights which are illegal to use include any flashing, oscillating, moving or otherwise non-stationary lights, and any blue-colored lights.

Law source:

  1. Georgia Code § 40-8-20 to 40-8-35: Title 40 (Motor Vehicles and Traffic), Chapter 8 (Equipment and Inspection of Motor Vehicles), Article 1 (Equipment Generally), Part 2: Lighting Equipment

Restricted colors

Georgia prohibits using vehicle lighting which is color red, blue, green, or purple. These colors are typically used on emergency vehicles and are explicitly prohibited on civilian vehicles in this state.

During a traffic stop we do not recommend telling police offers your underglow can change color. The ability to display blue color may be considered an excuse for them to cite you. By Georgia laws even possession of a device which can emit blue color is illegal.


Underglow system which is outside the law may result on you getting cited for a non-moving traffic violation, in which case you will be required to modify your car to conform to standards, as well as pay a fine. In Georgia operating a vehicle which is not up to state regulations is considered a misdemeanor.

Displaying red, blue, green or any combinations of these colors with white can lead to further penalties and fines. You can be charged with impersonating an emergency vehicle which is a serious crime with severe penalties.

Penalty for displaying blue lights is a misdemeanor. But if a vehicle displaying blue lights is used during a crime, the punishment can rise to a $1,000 fine and up to one year in jail.

Vehicles in violation of Georgia’s Vehicle Equipment laws may be subject to an inspection by law enforcement, for which no warrant or other violation is necessary.

Disclaimer: this website in no way condones or suggests using illegal vehicle equipment. While we believe neon underglow in Georgia is legal as there are no laws against it, law enforcement may still decide to issue a ticket. Use underglow at your own risk, and preferably only on private property!

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