Distracted Driving

Georgia Distracted Driving Laws

Georgia enacted distracted driving laws in July 2018. Distracted driving laws prohibit drivers from using cell phones for calling or texting while driving.

Georgia laws for distracted driving prohibit certain uses of handheld devices such as phones while operating a vehicle.

Georgia Distracted Driving laws summary:

These are the current Georgia distracted driving laws:

  • Talking or texting is permitted only in hands-free mode.
  • It is illegal for drivers to “physically hold or support, with any part of his or her body” any cell phone or other electronic device.

These laws apply to cellphones, tablets, laptops, or other similar devices. Watching videos is not permitted while driving even in hands-free mode. Only watching navigation data is permitted (GPS).

Georgia distracted driving laws apply equally to all drivers. However, commercial motor vehicle operators are only allowed to use one button to begin or end a phone call. Texting (reading or writing text messages) is permitted only if both is done fully in hands-free mode.


Georgia texting-while-driving laws permit making phone calls or texting in case you are reporting a traffic accident, medical or other emergency, or a hazardous road condition. You are permitted to use cell phones or other electronic devices if you are lawfully parked.


Breaking distracted driving laws is considered a traffic infraction, and each violation carries a fine starting at $50.

  1. First violation: $50 and one demerit point. First-time offenders may provide proof or purchase of a hands-free device to court and have their charges dismissed.
  2. Second violation: $100 and two demerit points.
  3. Third violation: $150 and three demerit points.

Commercial drivers violating Georgia’s distracted driving laws are subject to additional civil penalty up to $2750.

Additional surcharges, fees, or driver license penalty points may also be applied. Each local jurisdiction has different penalties for distracted driving.

Under upcoming House Bill 62, distracted driving will be considered a misdemeanor. Fines are to be from $25 to $99. Repeat offenders will have to pay up to $200 for each subsequent distracted driving law violation.

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Calling or texting while driving has been proven multiple times to be very unsafe. Georgia laws are very specific and do not permit drivers using any electronic devices without a hands-free mode.

Basic headsets which allow hands free communication cost less than violating the law even once.

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